Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Kill-Me Cold

In the NYTimes, there was an article that stated that they may have found some leads to cure the common cold- I say they better do it soon.

Being sick as an adult is probably one of the worst things that can happen.
Unlike those days where you can go to your parents and miss a day of ABC's and 123s,
You are burdened to either spend our days miserable in the office or at home in your bed watching television, missing important meetings, and getting work finished- which then you need to make up and do double work once you are actually back to feeling healthy. This, of course, is reflected in your paycheck if you don't have sick days.

If you are like me, and get sick if I get too stressed that your body just breaks down, it can be crippling to take just one day because the trouble you have to just catch up and get back on the top of your game becomes an uphill battle with cyclic effects. You get even more frustrated when you have mountains of paper and e-mails to deal with, less pay to manage your finances, and replacing the ten tissue boxes you go through- and what about the medical visit and cost of prescriptions?

When all of this happens, I wish I could just crawl in my bed and wait for my mother to bring me a steaming bowl full of hearty chicken soup with matzoh balls. A cool compress on my forehead and a box full of ice pops to soothe the throat and cool down the fever. Instead, you are an adult so you can buy all the OTC drugs you can afford and feel like you are on cloud 9- but risk your heart exploding from all the pseudo ephedrine.

Mission 19: When you are sick:
So what can you do? Do you take off from work or try to plunge ahead and hope it all goes away? It seems that the best option is to go to work/school and hope that your boss/professor notices how hard you are trying and tells you to go home. It shows that you care enough to go and that even though you are sick, you understand the world doesn't stop-even if you wish it did. Then, go home and hibernate until you can actually breathe out of both nostrils. Also, just by going for a short time, you might actually get a few things off your checklist. Only use those sick days for times when you really can't function- otherwise you'll be ore of a hindrance than help- you also don't want to get your coworkers or colleagues sick.

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I like your other blog too,
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