Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trendy Economics

Everyone is now an economist.

Surely you must have noticed that everyone, even Joe the Plumber has seemed to studied for years on end to get a degree in a highly mathematical and complex study of markets, finance, and the global political economy. Or....they have been watching The Daily Show. It's interesting to see people who had no interest in the economy except for how fat their wallet was to actually talk about it as if they know anything. They are only repeating what some other Joe Schmo has been saying.

I was with a friend of mine in a Pizza Shop talking about Obama and the economy. I am an Economics major and my friend is well versed in finance, the economy and could actually offer an extensive and well informed opinion on the topic. Meanwhile, this guy with a Busch Beer in a paper bag chimes in with incredibly flawed and wrong details and tries to give his take (or rather plagiarized gobbley-gook of every midnight broadcast on CNN he has watched while flat out stoned or drunk). Besides this frustration, it is still interesting to see people take this on as an actual concern and trying to learn a bit about it-especially after an election of a president who wants to focus on the middle class.

I guess what I'm trying to convey that I'm happy people are becoming more literate in these issues which helps to have a higher skilled and sensible decision-making population, but I'm tired of hearing everyone preach the same thing that they take off of the television and then making it your own 'observation'. I call these people 'Plagiar-fessionals'. Please give credit to those who actually made predictions or assertions. These people spend lots of money and effort getting through school and doing annoying problem sets such as the one I'm procrastinating at the moment.

Ok, so enough complaining. What are we going to do about this economy- especially if you are a college student starving anyway? Well, the PROFESSIONALS keep telling us to consume based on historical perspective, but I think there is a way to spend cautiously. Which brings us to Mission 12:

1) A very useful blog I have come across is -it is a site for the "Savvy New Yorker" giving you great ideas to save a buck or two while still injecting money into the economy. I would definitely give this a try.

2) Buy yourself a luxury item. If we ever hit dustbowl depression you might be able to sell it for a good price and feed yourself for a few months or just even enjoy a pleasure of when you actually had money.

3) Post any frustrations you have on this blog and any other ideas.

****By the way, I just want to be honest with you and say that i just search keywords and find random images for these posts. I am unoriginal in this regard and none are my own photographs. I'm evil, but I have integrity to admit it. I'd like ot credit google for these images*****


Joshua Mayhew said...

I just think
The world is just such an intricate place full of many different people and as long as we just know that and keep that in mind, as well as follow our hearts, then everything will work out in the end~

Joshua Mayhew said...
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