Saturday, October 11, 2008

2 For 1 Draft?

2 for 1 drink specials should really be defined better. Is this offer 2 drinks for 2 people or 2 drinks for 1 person? It depends on whether you are at the bar alone or not. There are certainly things I've noticed by going to the bar near me- and on some occasions- by myself.

People think one of three things when you say you go to a bar by yourself:
A) You are pathetic
B) You are brave
C) Wow, should I refer you to see my AA counselor?

Either way, it is very hard to approach someone in a place if there is a remote possibility of making a romantic connection. While I am usually very social and can easily enter into a conversation, it is just that added pressure of speaking to someone that scares the jeepers out of me. But this isn't just me I figure.

From speaking with a friend last time at the bar, we discussed the following:
People are insecure- at the bar alone or with friends. Everyone wants to be approached and in doing so they put on a show. I call this "Drincurity". There tends to be a boost of confidence with a drink and a cigarette in the hand and people tend to try and get other's attention by being louder, blowing smoke in a sexy way, giving other's the "eye", etc.

And when someone actually does approach, good or bad looking, interest or no interest whatsoever, it is an ego boost. Why do we need this? Why are we so insecure about ourselves that we put on shows to get attention when in every aspect of our lives, we can be downright social and tell what is on our minds. Maybe its just me and I'm preaching to you, who has no problem? Furthermore, in a room full of insecure people who want to be approached, does anyone get approached? We should get a scientist to do some charts or something.

Once again, I'm probably not the first person to write about this or talk about it but I feel like it's not just happening to me and its good for others to see that they aren't alone. (Although, does anyone truly read this? oh, well. )

so anyway, I know you've been waiting for it: The Mission

Mission 3:
Approach someone in a bar of possible romantic interest. If you haven't done it before or if you have a hard time doing it -you'll need to accomplish it in order to complete the mission. It doesn't need to be in a bar- it could be on a train, in the grocery store, shopping mall, race track, your cousins bat mitzvah- I don't care. Just DO IT.

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Bibliophile said...

I did the mission last night before I even knew it was the mission! What are the odds! I approached a guy sitting alone at a party and struck up a conversation with him. Point for me!