Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spy Games

You know you do it. You know you want to. They know you're doing it and say it might be creepy but they do it too. What is this? Spying.

I've noticed that i love to watch people in the subway, the grocery store or even just spying on my neighbors. At first, I thought it might be a terrible thing to do- but everyone does it. From afar I will look into my neighbor's windows and see them preparing dinner, getting drunk, or at 3am- half naked running to get a glass of water after they've had a long night of know.

It's not that we plan to do this or want ourselves to be spied on..(or so we say), but this innate feeling to see what others are up to. Many films have made this point such as Shortbus or Disturbia which leads me to believe that it's perfectly normal. (Especially if you catch a serial killer). My roommate and I will sit on the fire escape and make up play by play commentary as if it is a sport. It's simply fun.

Another aspect of this is on the train. Please, a show of hands, who has deliberately chosen a subway car just to be in the same relative space as some eye candy? I call this Transpor-candy. It isn't that we want to date them, screw them, or even talk with them- but simply just to watch them and not have to think about work, school, or that project coming up. It is that we'd rather have something hot to look at from point A to B. You see them listening to their ipod or reading and you want to be in their world. You are curious. I say stop being ashamed and break out those binoculars.

This leads me to our second mission:
Go on the subway or to a supermarket and watch one person for 10 minutes.
Bring a pad of paper or your nifty electronic notetaker and:
1) jot down what they do.
2) Bonus points for wearing sunglasses
3) Extra Extra bonus points for taking a picture of the person and posting it on this blog. If there is a technical issue. E-mail it to me.

If they notice you, keep doing it-even if they seem creeped out by it. Maybe you'll even make a connection or meet your future partner.

Good luck, BRETSA Nation.


Paul said...

if you want to be spied on, thats called an exhibitionist... kinda kinky :)

Paul said...
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