Monday, October 27, 2008

Flash Gordon Approaching

With it being almost Halloween, I think this is quite relevant to the attitudes of people at the moment.

Super Heroes, X-Men, Heroes the television show and other forms of comics have repeatedly depicted people that either are born or made with super-human, supernatural or weird abilities. This dictates the notion that people want to have some kind of 'specialness' and that the only way we can do good is to have a power no one else does. This of course is augmented by Batman, ironman, and the few other various exceptions in which very rich people become something entirely unique. What I wonder though is what ever happened to just being a Hero in the classical sense of the word?

Ordinary people have risen to the occasion to build large empires of industry when born in less than pleasant situations. The capitalistic system we have today, theoretically, allows someone to build their own future and accumulate vasts amount of wealth through entrepreneurship and other business methods- which can give hope or safety to others who desire the same. Are these heroes? Do they have something within them that is special and unique to battle aversing forces in the system?

Or, Let's ponder Greek Tragedy Heroes: These players did not fly, did not become invisible, did not shoot webs or partake in DNA manipulation. They simply became doers of good and guarded against evil nature. These heroes also had their downfalls, hence why they are tragic.

We are obsessed with getting abilities and while it is fun to think about, why not think of ordinary people as heroes. Why not the single mother working 2 or 3 jobs just to take care of her child (or father, I won't assume gender stereotypes). What about the transgendered individual who fights for equal and fair treatment at the workplace? Aren't these individuals the ones with real power and drive to achieve the greater good and guard others from discriminating treatment?

It is my conclusion that people do not need claws and regenerative capability like wolverine to recognize that they have a unique power or ability. The heroes that cannot read minds and triumph over fear of their own mortality should be placed on a pedestal instead of Superman- a figure that doesn't need to worry about flying bullets.

Mission 8:
1) Recognize an ability you have that makes you a hero to someone or to some cause
2) Recognize a specific person in your life that has been a hero and write about it on this blog. Most importantly, tell them what impact they've had.