Monday, October 6, 2008

Breathing The Same Air

Ah okay, so this is the first posting. I am not sure how this will develop or whether anyone will read it, see it, search it, love it or curse me to the heavens-but that doesn't matter. What matters is that it exists and I write it even for one person.

I try not to talk about myself too much as there are already so many social networking sites that the advertisement of my electronic self becomes exhausting sometimes. With facebook, okcupid, dlist, myspace- how does anyone come up for this air? How do we function in person? This leads me to what I gather is my first topic.

I've come up to a wall in the way I develop relationships or why I seem to not care as much as i used to about maintaining relationships. It's simply- I don't care enough to. But really, is it ever that simple? So, I went to counseling services for the first time ever without being forced. This is what I came up with through great drunk reflection at 3am last week: We are so logged on, so connected to computers and these sites that if it isn't as easy as pushing a button-then we don't want to do it. I am lazy. I have become so lazy that I already know what friends are up to because they advertise it on their pages every second they can.

I've decided I should try to unplug-and hence, not working because this blog exists. It's kind of like making playdough- no one makes their own playdough anymore. My mother would use regular dough, food coloring, and then I'd play with it. But everyone just goes out and buys playdough. There's no experience involved. and the same 5 year old playing playdough will probably go on his leappad and text his 10 year year old brother a picture of him playing with this orange playdough in the shape of Sean Connery. And how does he know about Sean Connery at such a young age? He gets weekly updates from IMDB on his iphone.

This subject is unoriginal, my writing is horrible, and I should probably quit. But I think this is something we should pay attention to. When was the last time you took a walk, or sat down to play cards or connect four?

I think I've got it. With every new blog posting- there will be a mission. I will follow the mission and you can too, if you'd like or care or even want to re-visit this blog. So here it is:

Mission 1: Grab a friend you have not seen in at least 2 Weeks and :
A) Play a card or board game for 45 minutes.
B) Both read the same book for 30 minutes and talk about it.

I'm going to give you 3 days to do it. Once i've done it, I'm going to report back but I want you to also.

Farewell and unplug,


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Chris Gabriel - Trampish Designs said...

One can look at this the other way and use their absurd level of connectivity to research the best homemade recipes for playdough and source images to model Sean Connery's doughy visage after. Then they can play some connect-4 online while waiting for the toxic playdough they just consumed to destroy their gastrointestinal system.