Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cash, Credit, or Debit

I've had enough and I think you have too. How many times do you go into a drug store and the person behind the register is bored, doesn't care, or maybe doesn't even talk to you.

"Next customer"- in that pissed off 'I want to go home but I just got here' attitude.
It is atrocious how these people carry on with this type of behavior and do not do anything about it. I understand-life sucks-you work in a boring environment and you get nothing out of it except minimum wage. I understand that you deal with annoying needy customers, but please don't pass that onto me.

Whatever happened to the days where someone would say, even in an obviously scripted way 'Hi, welcome to _________, will this be all you would like to purchase?" and then a 'Have a great day!"? Not only this, but doing your job at an immensely slow pace- especially when I'm hungry and you're making my sandwich, only makes me think that there is a lack of motivation or incentive. There is a lack of reason why anyone should care. Why aren't these companies or businesses talking to their employees or doing anything about it? Why don't the managers take any action? My guess is that they don't care either. My impression is that they make money anyway and think they are so important to the world that they can do whatever they want or rather not do anything and people will still use their services.

If someone you hire was to give you a massage and didn't try at all and you couldn't feel it, would you go back? If someone cut your hair and it came out terrible or they were rude, would you go back to the salon? I really hope customer service remains top priority. I know several companies still concentrate on this such as Dell, Harry and David, and Utrecht -but it is sad to see that people do not care.

This rant, of course, is very subjective to where you live and the relationship you have with the businesses around you. If you live in a more personal small town, service should be much better, but in a city, you're one of a million that walk through the doors...so what is one person with a bad experience? But the problem is that certain places, (rhymes with schwane Brede) do this to everyone. I say i'm not going to stand for it and you shouldn't either.

Mission 7:
1) Next time you are given an attitude or they seem bored or don't even talk to you, COMPLAIN- but not to them. Do not make a confrontation. simply ask to speak to the manager. I realize that this takes time but how is anything supposed to get better?


2) Stop going there and make a point of calling the company with the complaint.
Then tell everyone you know not to go there and find yourself a friendlier place. It may be a little bit more expensive but you won't leave feeling frustrated or like you want to strangle the girl behind the counter.